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Dr. Peter Jankovsky 

These are my skills & offers (I)

Journalism (

My skills & offers (II)

German Training
Translations German
Event Moderation
Public Affairs

My skills & offers (III)

HR Training: 
Teambuilding, Leadership
Art of Manipulation


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  • Ghostwriting (German, Italian, English)
  • Content writing and copy editing in the business sphere as well as in the political and cultural field (German, Italian, English)
  • Storytelling of all sorts
  • Journalistic contents (e.g.
  • Translation of all kinds of texts in German and/or Italian
  • External corporate PR & social media
  • Creation of slogans / messages in the field of politics and PR
  • Communication creation in terms of HR (teambuilding and) leadership 


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  • Language training (German)
  • Personal German language training for managers and employees
  • Organisation and moderation of events in German or/and Italian language (economy, culture, politics) 
  • Media coaching generally (German, Italian) 
  • Professional and personal identity coaching for managers and employees in the enjoyable southern ambience of Ascona, Ticino (Switzerland)
  • HR Coaching in regard to team building and leadership (in collaboration with leadership expert Matthias Mölleney, University of Economics Zurich ZHW)


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  • Researches as well as preparation of dossiers and argumentaries about economical, political und cultural issues.
  • Public affairs for you in the German speaking part of Switzerland, in the cantons of Ticino and Grisons as well as in Milan. 
  • Media relations in the German speaking part of Switzerland, in Ticino, Grisons and Milan 
  • Mediation of business contacts in Ticino and Grisons, likewise generally in the German speaking part of Switzerland as well as in Milan 


Dr. Peter Jankovsky, PhD UZH
CP 688, CH-6612 Ascona
Schweiz / Svizzera / Switzerland

[email protected]

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